Description of the Product

It’s a dovetail panel system like a puzzle suitable for Inside and outside wall’s coverings:

Composition of the Panel
It’s a layer of concrete polymer in a base of stone called “STONE” composed of a mix of 15% of resin with their appropriate catalyst and the 95 % of arids (calcium carbonate, dolomites, silicates, alumines, melanins and fire-resistant additives)


Great Quality

One of Stone Panel ®- Panel Stone ® key properties is its high quality (re:textures, colors, strength). This combined with the creativity of our designers and innovations of our engineers allow us to differentiate us in the marketplace and be one of the most competitive panel manufacturers worldwide.

Great Resistance

This Product was created with an innovative composition (by mixing arid aggregates) that makes a high impact panel, fire and all weather resistance. These properties allows the panel to be widely used in public places such as hotels, museums and places with high public transit.

Perfect Finish

Its composition (stone ) together with the paint used (iron oxides), makes a perfect texture and high quality finish over time.


It is quick and easy. Due to the panels size (0.80 – 1.00 Sqm) and lightweight panels are easy to handle. It requires just one person to install them. It doesn’t require professional labor for installation(See installation instructions)


No maintenance required. Panels’ composition does not allow the generation of moisture and/or bacteria.


Lightweight panel (15-25 Kg) and panels’ size makes the product easy to transport. It does not require a special vehicle.