Safety Instructions

Cleaning and maintenance of the Panels

The best product for cleaning panels is water. Cleaning with water allows us to remove any dust from the product. In case you have the need to disinfect any area, use neutral pH soap.
Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach, acid-based products, ammonia, lime scale removers, etc. These products react with the panel ingredients creating white stains on them. We do not recommend the use of any oily and harsh cleaning products.


Panels and accessories are supplied in non returnable cardboard boxes and treated wooden pallets (see price list for amounts of panels per box and pallet), Last holder becomes responsible for the packaging disposal as a last holder according to the article 18.1 at the regulations of Spanish Law 11/79.


Goods are not dangerous for transportation by road, rail or sea.

 Environmental information

Product does not constitute a hazard to human health (if not ingested) or to the environment. It’s ecological and 95% is made of mineral quarries remains.


Storage Recommendations

Panels must be kept in an indoor warehouse the same way they were shipped from the factory inside their boxes on a flat and horizontal surface. Store at a temperature between 5ºC and 45ºC

Handling Recommendations

Product may generate dust so if needed during installation, use a suction machine, vacuum, dispose remain materials and rinse out the area after the installation.

Disposal Recommendations

Try to minimize or avoid generation of wastage. Disposals should be done through specialized companies so all regulations requirements established for environmental protection by local authorities are fulfilled. Avoid disposal through drainage.